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Technical Fouls

By Clarence Woody, Clinician

Flagrant Fouls

Flagrant fouls can be classified into three categories:

  1. Contact during a live ball
  2. Contact during a dead ball
  3. Unethical behavior

A flagrant foul can be a personal foul or a technical foul. It can also be a double personal or a double technical. It cannot be a common foul or a player control foul. A flagrant personal foul is contact during a live ball that is severe and excessive. It can also be contact that is extreme in nature.

A flagrant technical foul is contact during a dead ball that is extreme in nature, or contact that is severe and excessive. A flagrant technical foul can also be unsporting behavior that is extreme in nature or unethical.

Flagrant Foul Penalties

  • Flagrant technical foul: Two shots and the ball at the division line away from the table. The shooter is any player or substitute.
  • Flagrant personal foul: Two shots and the ball at the spot of the foul. The shooter is the offended player or his substitute if injured or disqualified.
  • Flagrant double technical fouls: Continue the game using the alternating possession arrow. The ball is taken out of bounds at the division line opposite the table.
  • Flagrant double personal fouls: Resume play with the alternating possession arrow.

Administrative Technicals ("CARS")

Changes, Additions, Rosters, Starters

  • Not getting the starting lineup in on time, or not specifying the starters
  • Six players on the court
  • Excessive timeouts
  • Use of laster pointers by coaches or team members

Technicals on Substitutes

  • without reporting to the scorers
  • without being beckoned by an official

Technicals that Must be Caught Before the Ball Becomes Live

  • illegal numbers
  • illegal uniforms
  • changing the starting five
  • excessive timeouts

Technicals that Must be Caught when the Infraction Occurs

  • substitute whose name is not in the book coming into the game
  • identical number

Player Technicals

  • Grasping the basket
  • Dunking a dead ball
  • Attempting to dunk a dead ball
  • Intentionally striking or slapping the backboard
  • Placing a hand on the backboard to gain an advantage
  • Leaving the court for an unauthorized reason
  • Delay of game
  • Goaltending a free throw