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Working as the Center Official

By Clarence Woody, Clinician

  1. Look in at the free throw line extended.
  2. Once locked in, move one step forward or backward to get proper angle.
  3. If player is on your side, stay on hand-side where ball is.
  4. Don't become a second trail.
  5. When the ball is high, officiate inside out; when low, officiate outside in.
  6. After a basket or a defensive rebound, let opposing players clear before you move.
  7. Officiate the matchups:
    1. cutters
    2. illegal screens
    3. curl up plays
    4. half-matchup on both elbows and top of key
    5. rebounds on your side
    6. plays to the basket
  8. Find ball and officiate matchups off ball.
  9. Officiate the defense and the offense. To officiate the defense, you have to know what the offense is doing. To officiate the offense, you have to find the defense.
  10. Use good double whistle mechanics.
  11. Officiate the backside.
  12. Take drives to the basket.
  13. Always know where lead and trail are.
  14. Officiate above-the-ring play and know the rules:
    1. goaltending
    2. basket interference
    3. grasping the basket
    4. slapping the backboard
  15. Don't help trail on throw-ins unless there is a press; get down the floor and watch players.