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Working as the Lead Official

By Clarence Woody, Clinician

  1. Know primary coverage area and responsibilities.
  2. Close down as ball dictates.
  3. Handle throw-ins only on the endline.
  4. Work hard to protect the trail and center's front side.
  5. Officiate illegal screens.
  6. Officiate cutters and screeners.
  7. Officiate matchups off ball.
  8. Officiate over the back on your side only.
  9. Look to rotate.
  10. When rotating, don't officiate blindly.
  11. Rotate before a scoring play is in progress.
  12. Don't rotate on drives to the basket.
  13. Have shoulders parallel to your line of coverage to open a wide window.
  14. Look back over your shoulder moving down the court. Don't look ahead of you at the wall.