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Working as the Trail Official

By Clarence Woody, Clinician

  1. Use good double whistle mechanics.
  2. Officiate the backside.
  3. Protect shooters at the elbows and corners.
  4. Take drives to the basket.
  5. Officiate rebound plays.
  6. Understand primary and second responsibilities on basket interference and goaltending.
  7. Always know where the center and lead officials are.
  8. Know your primary coverage area.
  9. Move to improve one-on-one coverage area.
  10. Never be ahead of the play as the trail; to trail means to follow.
  11. Do not administer throw-ins within 4 feet of the corner.
  12. ALWAYS have a backcourt count, even if no press is on.
  13. Never bounce the ball to the thrower on the endline if you are ahead of him. Don't bounce backwards.